Environmental Policy

At Blackheath Products Ltd we are committed to minimising the impact of our operations on the environment and we continuously monitor our performance with the aim to improve that performance wherever practical to the benefit of the Company, its customers and the public.

Our environmental strategy statement demonstrates how seriously we take our commitments, and responsibilities.

Environmental strategy

  • We aim to supply timber-based products from sustainable sources that have been certified by a recognised certification authority including the FSCĀ®, PEFC, MTCC, CSA and SFI organisations.
  • We make every effort to meet. and wherever possible. exceed all relevant environmental legislation.


  • We have separate skips for the collection of cardboard packaging, metal strapping and other waste in order to ensure the recycling of our suppliers' packaging materials.
  • Our waste worktops are cut down to create packaging blocks which are essential for safe deliveries.
  • Redundant office equipment is sent to charities for use in schools and other institutions.

Energy conservation

  • We are investing in improved warehouse roof windows to allow the use of natural light in lieu of electric light.
  • We have a policy to ensure that all electrical equipment is switched off when not in use for a reasonable period of time such as lighting, computer monitors, and fork lift truck chargers.
  • Our consumption of electricity, oil and gas is regularly monitored.
  • Our choice of building design, plant, equipment and vehicles promotes energy conservation.
  • We use a sophisticated route planning and a vehicle tracking system to ensure our vehicles are operating on efficient journeys and are not left standing with the engine running on idle unnecessarily.


  • We have measures to prevent the spillage of fuels and engine oils.
  • We are reviewing the use of bio diesel with our fleet of commercial vehicles and cars.
  • Our commercial vehicle fleet is modern and well maintained. We are now gradually replacing our current fleet diesel engines with the euro IV engine to restrict emissions.


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