How to choose the kitchen worksurface that is best for you

We know how overwhelming it can be to choose your kitchen worksurface... there is so much to consider! What material are you going for? What thickness should you choose? Which finish is best? Here at Blackheath, we offer a vast range of worksurfaces for you to choose from, so its best to narrow down your selections before you get lost in a world of 1000's of colours. 

Let's start with the deciding factor! Budget.

Your budget will help you to narrow down your search. You can find a standard laminate worksurface to suit any budget - our Tandem Collection is the best choice for a low budget worksurface, and low budge does not mean limited choice or quality... Tandem is a range of over 30 stunning decors in both 30mm and 40mm, manufactured to high standards!

Looking for a higher end laminate worksurface? Take a look at our Spectra Square-Edge Collection, not only is it a premium worksurface, but the square edge also allows more flexibility to follow the curves of your units or create a bespoke island piece.

Do you have a little bit more to spend on your worksurface? Our solid surfaces ranges, Mirostone and Staron, can be the perfect addition to any kitchen. Although a little more maintenance is required for these surfaces, they give you an elegant finish to any kitchen and are repairable, give you long term guarantee. Both Mirostone and Staron are non-porous and can be jointed seamlessly - which gives you a very hygienic surface, a benefit which is now more important than ever!

Another aspect to consider, is the length for your worksurface. This is more important if you are going for a laminate worksurface in your kitchen as you want to keep as few joints as possible within your kitchen. Our laminates worksurfaces come in various lengths in each range - if you need a 4 metre length, you're best to stick with Spectra Square-Edge or Lamura, as they allow you to have 1 straight run in your kitchen without unnecessary joints,

There's lots more to decide before choosing your kitchen worksurface. Which profile will you choose? Square-edge or curved-edge? Which texture is best for you? Harder wearing textures such as stone or wood effects will be less likely to show wear and tear, whereas gloss or quartz finishes are going to show scratches easier than others!

Which thickness will you choose? Our worksurfaces range from 12mm to 40mm (or even thicker if you were to go for a Spectra Square-Edge bespoke worksurface) ... a more modern kitchen will style well with a slimmer edge, or if you're sticking to traditional design, a 40mm worksurface may look best. 

And then there is colour... but perhaps you've already decided your colour scheme for the heart of the home, so this one is down to your. You can take a look at all of our decor choices show on the worktop section of website. 

Your kitchen fitter or a member of our sales team will always be happy to discuss your options and help you narrow down your choices. Drop our sales team an email at and a member of the team will be more than happy to help!

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