Introducing the NEW and IMPROVED Spectra Square-Edge Collection...

Since the 2018 launch of the Spectra Square-Edge Collection, the range has always been popular with kitchen retailers and the end user. The crisp square-edge gives a high-end feel of marble of solid wood, but without the cost. 

We are now relaunching the Spectra Square-Edge Collection with a host of new decors and other features. We've spent time listening to our customers and watching trends change, to make sure we got this re-launch right!

The Spectra Square-Edge Collection started as 22 decors, a mixture of textures. We have now expanded the range to 24 decors, including 15 brand-new decors and added a new texture, Sync, our most technologically advanced texture yet. Sync perfectly synchronises with the shapes and colours of the slate and wood decors on which it is applied, giving a 3D affect offers all the durability, cleanliness and low-cost benefits of laminate.  

We've also added a new size into the collection.... We have always offered breakfast bars as both 4050mm x 900mm and 2020mm x 900mm in both 40mm and 22mm, and after listening to requests from customers and hearing how we could save them both money and time, we now offer Spectra Square-Edge worksurfaces in 4050mm x 650mm AND 2020 x 650 in both 40mm and 22mm. An appealing selling point for your customer who is trying to spend their money wisely!

New marketing material is readily available, including a brand-new impressive brochure, new swatches, new sample blocks and new website. We have also added a new feature to the website! You can download the swatch images straight from the 'Decor' page, a handy tool for both you and your customer. 

Download the new Spectra Square-Edge Collection brochure here to view the full range. 

The Spectra Square-Edge Collection is available to order direct from our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or call our sales office. 

For samples, please contact your local Area Sales Manager or our sales office on 0121 561 4245 /

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