Mirostone Solid Surface Guide

Since the 2018 Mirostone solid surface launch, the collection has grown increasingly popular year on year. We continuously have containers on order to top up our stock levels in our centrally based Midland’s warehouse, with orders leaving on our wagons for projects daily! For many kitchen fitters, ‘Mirostone’ and ‘solid surface’ is part of their day-to-day vocabulary, but for those first-time home buyers just starting their bathroom renovation, or ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ wanting to upgrade their kitchen… What is Mirostone solid surface? And why should you choose Mirostone for your kitchen?

Simply, Mirostone solid surface is a modified acrylic, offering similar qualities as Corian and Staron. Mirostone gives you the look and feel of natural stone surfaces, at a fraction of the cost. Mirostone is solid throughout, making it extremely versatile and easy to work with. Mirostone is a 20mm solid surface, meaning all fitting can be done on site and there is no need for fabrication by a third party; thus speeding up the installation time. There are plenty of reasons we can give you as to why you should choose Mirostone solid surface for your kitchen, for example: we have the best colour palette out there! But that is just our opinion, (although you might agree!). So, let us just share 5 facts as to why Mirostone is the perfect fit in any home!

Mirostone solid surface is 100% waterproof. However much steam or water there is in a kitchen, utility room and bathroom, Mirostone is completely at home.

Mirostone is a completely non-porous surface, meaning that it is almost impossible to stain! We have tried and tested with several different household items: tea bags, curry powder and others, a small bit of Cif and a damp cloth and all residues are wiped away.

Mirostone’s colour is solid throughout allowing you to have uniquely stylish and practical worktop features. Your Mirostone fitter can shape your Mirostone surface to follow the shape of your cabinets, or even the shape of the kitchen. You can also add in drainer grooves, without the loss of any colour or durability of the surface.

Joints that are inconspicuous! Mirostone’s seamless joints create a naturally flowing appearance that is not only smart, but also hygienic, completely waterproof, and so easy to clean. Perfect for those large island units or even those awkward shaped kitchens.

All these qualities make Mirostone one of the most hygienic surfaces in the world, an extremely important factor for everyone to consider. It is easy to clean, and 100% waterproof so harmful germs are prevented from being retained on the surface. Also, because all joints are inconspicuous, there are no unsightly joints in which dangerous bacteria can grow.

You can see the full décor collection by downloading the brochure here. If you are after any samples or need any more information, please drop us an email at megan.murphy@blackheathproducts.co.uk

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