Mirostone was the chosen surface for the worksurfaces throughout this Cotswolds house.

Read on to find out why Mirostone was chosen for the surfaces in this impressive house!

Vanity Hall was tasked with providing a surface solution that aligned with the client's requirements for longevity, visual appeal, and cost-effectiveness compared to other products in the market. The primary objectives were to deliver a seamless aesthetic, durable surfaces, and competitive pricing.

Mirostone, an acrylic solid surface, was chosen for its outstanding qualities including being 100% waterproof, hygienic, and durable. Vanity Hall's decision to opt for Mirostone was influenced by their longstanding partnership with Blackheath Products and the growing popularity of Mirostone due to its style and functionality. The product's versatility and reliability made it the preferred choice over other options in the industry.

Having integrated Mirostone into their core material range, Vanity Hall was well-versed in fabricating the product. Their extensive experience allowed them to seamlessly incorporate Mirostone into the project without encountering any significant challenges. The team welcomed the opportunity to work with Mirostone once again and found the fabrication process smooth and efficient.

The final outcome of the project met and exceeded the initial goals set by the client. Vanity Hall successfully delivered a seamless aesthetic, ensuring visually pleasing surfaces that met the client's expectations. The Mirostone installation provided long-lasting durability, meeting the requirement for durable surfaces. Additionally, competitive pricing and the expertise of Vanity Hall as a fabricator ensured the project's overall success. The client's satisfaction with the results reaffirmed that Mirostone was indeed the right product for the job.

Following the successful installation of Mirostone in several plots of the project, Vanity Hall has become the preferred Solid Surface Provider for Coombs, solidifying their reputation for delivering quality solutions. This partnership underscores the trust and confidence clients have in Vanity Hall's ability to deliver exceptional results using Mirostone.


Sally Mason | Head of Interiors, Coombs Group

Rob Goode | Solid Surface Development Manager, Vanity Hall

James Lord | Solid Surface Manager, Vanity Hall

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