Take a closer look at each of the Lamar porcelain surface decors.

Have you decided that you’d like porcelain surfaces for your kitchen renovation? Maybe you’re creating an outdoor dining space ready for summer and have come across our porcelain surfaces as they are UV resistant? Or perhaps you’re a contractor who has a refurbishment coming up that you know porcelain surfaces would be perfect for and now you just need to decide on the perfect décor? Let’s take a closer look at each of the impressive Lamar decors we keep here in stock, available for delivery.

Arancio Onyx | Sahara

A stunning black design with gold marble veins running throughout the complete surface, complemented with a slightly textured matt surface, Sahara. Arancio Onyx is sure to make a statement in any interior that embraces dark décor.

Calacatta Luna | Sahara

Calacatta Luna is definitely one of our statement marbles. A simple yet bold, grey vein with a subtle hint of brown to bring a warmer tone to the surface, paired with the Sahara texture creating a striking design that is perfect for residential or commercial projects.

Patagonia Gold | Soft Satin

The perfect décor to make a statement. The mix of neutral and golden tones create a perfect blend of warmth and luxury. Stepping out of your comfort zone and choosing Patagonia Gold will reap the benefits by creating a feature piece that grabs the attention of every person that enters the room.

Kozani Crema | Soft Satin

A stunning white marble décor, with warm toned veins that whispers elegance. Kozani Crema has a super smooth satin finish that fits perfectly with the elegant appearance shown in the design.

Pietra Grigio | Sahara

Pietra Grigio offers a design that has timeless beauty. The soft grey tones shout natural stone, which will be impressively styled with every interior or exterior décor scheme. The subtly textured Sahara finish creates an earthy feel.

Rosa Bianco | Sahara

A sophisticated blend of pure white, grey, and rose gold, offering a desirable finish that will add charm and character to any space. The veining of Rosa Bianco is breathtaking in beauty, when showcased across the full porcelain slab.

Noir Serpents | Sahara

Beautifully replicating serpentine, the finely grained appearance of Noir Serpents offers a bold and daring statement. Perfectly suited to residential and commercial projects alike, Noir Serpents is guaranteed to create an inviting and exquisite space.

Roman Classic | Sahara

Roman Classic celebrates the timelessness of Rome, a marble-inspired design that transcends eras. The warm tones through the veining of the marble design, paired with the subtle texture of Sahara bring a sense of depth to the design.

Carpecia Gold | Sahara

The shimmering gold veins strike across the bold white background of Carpecia Gold, creating a lavish surface that inspires design and creativity. Paired with brass or gold accessories, the thrilling design of Carpecia Gold will keep its beauty for years to come.

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