The Advantages of Lamar Porcelain Surfaces.

Design options

An array of impressive designs are available in Lamar porcelain. Due to the advanced printing and manufacturing technologies, there are numerous authentic marble and stone reproductions, colours, patterns and textures available.

Easy to clean

Lamar Porcelain is easy to clean as it is stain-resistant and non-porous. Spills can be wiped up easily without the worry of the surface absorbing liquids or bacteria. A damp microfibre cloth can be used for wiping away dust, dirt, and grime.

Environmentally friendly

Lamar Porcelain is a 100% natural product made of raw clay-based materials, making the surfaces environmentally friendly. Moreover, as it is a hard-wearing, durable surface, it lasts many years and eliminates the requirement for repeated replacements, saving natural resources.


Lamar Porcelain is a sustainable material, each surface can be recycled at the end of its current life, making Lamar Porcelain surfaces sustainable and greener with reduced environmental impacts.


Lamar Porcelain surfaces are extraordinarily resilient towards general wear and tear such as scuffs and scratches and are suitable for installation in spaces with high traffic.


Hygiene is of upmost importance in all environments and the non-porous quality of Lamar Porcelain surfaces ensures they do not absorb harmful water-based bacteria. This characteristic makes Lamar Porcelain surfaces easy to clean and completely hygienic. Perfect for food preparation.

UV Light Resistance

Direct and elongated exposure to sunlight does not discolour Lamar Porcelain surfaces because the material is resistant to UV light This quality makes Lamar Porcelain surfaces ideal for exterior projects and eliminates the design complication of having to take account of windows in relation to the Lamar Porcelain interior layout.

Heat Resistant

Due to the high temperatures applied in the manufacturing process of Lamar Porcelain, one of its characteristics is its heat resistance. You will have no problem handling hot pots and pans even when you place them directly on a porcelain countertop.

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