Commonwealth Games 2022

The 2022 Commonwealth Games represents a unique opportunity for the West Midlands. It is a chance to bring together the region’s finest talents. A chance to showcase Birmingham, its people and its skills. And a chance to demonstrate what we can achieve when we work as one. It is in that spirit that Blackheath is privileged to be collaborating closely with fabricators across the city. From that shared approach, we’re uniquely able to coordinate complex projects with specifiers, suppliers, fabricators and the Birmingham 2022 management committee – demonstrating our pride in the city through the world-class work we deliver. Our roots are at the heart of the Greater Birmingham area, which is why we want to help build this legacy. Together, our expertise and knowledge can fulfil the ambitions of Birmingham 2022.

Follow this link to find out more about how Blackheath and its collaboration partners could help to deliver the ambitions of Birmingham 2022, Blackheath Commonwealth Brochure

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