Coronavirus Measures: Blackheath resilience plans

Coronavirus: Blackheath resilience plans 

We would like to reassure all our customers that we are taking the following common-sense steps to try to improve our resilience during this difficult time for all of us.

  • From today we have some staff from each department working from home. The “homeworkers” have been given the tele-communication and system technology to remotely log into our phone and operating systems. So, if we are unlucky and a department at our main site gets hit with the virus, the home-workers will be able to provide a backup service to keep our service running to at least a basic level.
  • Everyone at Blackheath is of course keenly aware of the need for careful washing of hands, social distancing (wherever practical) and other sensible actions aimed at avoiding the virus.
  • We have already placed booster stock orders with our suppliers, in case of shortages.
  • We have active contacts with agencies and haulage contractors to help with our warehouse and transport operations, should the need arise. 

As we go forward into this uncharted territory, which we all find ourselves in, we may need to take further steps that could affect our ability to provide the level of service we have traditionally offered to our customers. Should such changes be forced on us, we will communicate the changes to you as soon as we can.

Stay well,
Blackheath sales team. 

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