Blackheath Products new logo

During the next few weeks we will be gradually introducing a redesigned Blackheath logo onto our documents, commercial vehicles and general signage. With our current logo design nearly 20 years old it is beginning to show its age.

So, let us introduce our new logo.

We have recently registered the use of the brand name BLACKHEATH in the UK (and Europe), so as well as a new modernised and dominant font for the word BLACKHEATH, we have now added the registration symbol to the top right-hand side.

Ian Foster, Managing Director, said “We have changed the yellow diamond shaped icon for a unique shape that represents the decorative surface products of the company.”

The new icon has 2 shades of yellow to give decoration and perspective to its shape. It also has a seamless joint or a “post formed” fold… summing up the decorative laminate and solid surface heritage of the Company.

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